Health camp was conducted on 07th January ,2019at Mr. Anil Hotchandani’s Kohinoor Group, MAJESTIC site at Kalyan (W)

Taking forward the agenda of providing healthy living & tobacco-free life to construction workers on our members’ sites, Women’s Wing has organised series of cancer awareness and dental check-up camps which have immensely benefitted the construction workers.
Health camp was conducted on 07 th January ,2019 at Mr. Anil Hotchandani’s Kohinoor Group, MAJESTIC site at Kalyan (W) , conducted in association with Vasantha Memorial Trust for Cancer Awareness along with Dental check team along with Women Wing members Mrs./s , Anuradha Shah, Sejal Goradia, , and Sonal Shah.

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Ms. Jayalaxmi’s motivational talks on cancer awareness and inspiring workers to quit tobacco was much appreciated by the participating workers. She also presented an audio-visual showing harmful effects of tobacco and why one should and how one can give up tobacco. Ms. Jayalaxmi’s team conducted dental check-up of over 65 workers
and suggested effective remedies to them.
It is always very satisfying to see so many happy workers who inspired by our camps pledge never to use tobacco again and lead tobacco-free life.