Clarifying myths and fears surrounding Covid, and precautions to be taken

Ms. Richa Shah introduced and welcomed Dr. Kamlesh Joshi, MBBS

Dr. Joshi has been taking care & heading Covid department for 90 days in Shrushusha Hospital Vikhroli.

Further Ms. Sonal Shah informed that she knows Mr Joshi from the last 30 years and he has not come home for the past 90 days. Today our mobile is flooded with rumours or myth information, we wanted to speak to someone who is actually treating these patients. So We welcome Dr Kamlesh Joshi. 

Dr. Kamlesh Joshi informed that they have been running this hospital for the last 50 years. It is not a non-profit organization and many people are associated with it. Corona was a sudden crisis that happened to the world.  Apart from the hospital they are dedicated completely to the corona patients.  They have 100 bedded and 24 ICU bedded hospitals dedicated to corona care. They have 65 Staff in their hospital and they trained their staff. Hence after 90 days not a single staff is affected with Covid. They provide all the facilities and take good care of staff.

How is this flu different from other viruses ?

Ans.: Corona virus belongs to the family of viruses which were first seen in the 1960,  SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012 and now we have Covid 19. The spread of the disease is different. Mostly we have dry cough, fever, breathlessness, body aches, very rare loose motions. This virus spreads because of droplets, it does not travel too much, if we don’t go to a virus so the virus will not come to you. It affects the lungs, heart & gastro level.

What is the difference between asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic and symptomatic ?

Ans.: Symptoms can be seen in a sick person and the virus has entered and started affecting the body parts.

Asymptomatic: The virus has entered the body, but the symptoms are not seen, and the body is fighting against.   But still that person can infect others.

Pre symptomatic : The virus has entered the body, which does not affect much and can convert into asymptomatic. 

When should the test be done ?

Ans.: Individually if you have any symptoms, like fever, headache, which you treat at home or you can visit a doctor. But if the symptoms are severe or stay for more than 72 hours then the test should be done, you should visit the hospital immediately.

Who needs Hospitalization ?

Ans.: The people who don’t show symptoms or are pre-symptomatic don’t need hospitalization. They can be kept in isolation even at home. But if the condition is severe, difficulty in breathing etc. then hospitalization is required.

Walk for 6-8 minutes and if there is difficulty in breathing then you need to go to hospital.

Is the treatment same or different for everyone ?

Ans.: No one has the right treatment for this virus yet. It may vary according to the condition of the patient and the immunity power against the virus.

Plasma treatment is done in India ?

Ans.: Yes, some people have recovered from CORONA with Plasma treatment. It is a blood donation therapy used to develop immunity, but it lasts only for a few months. It is still being tested as there are modifications happening in the virus to.  It is being used at a few hospitals currently.

Is age a barrier for getting well from this virus ?

Ans.: Age is not a barrier for getting well from corona as we have seen 90 year old patients getting well. Only patients with other medical issues face problems. Comorbidity is dangerous. Eat healthy diet, we all need to increase our immunity and stay fit.

Can it be detected early ?

Ans.: No, there is an incubation period. It can take time to spread and then only the symptoms are seen.

Who can be home quarantined ?

Ans.: It is done for mild symptoms only and who has the facility for a separate room attached with Toilet.  It is difficult in Mumbai. It is a risk still staying with family and necessary to stay in a well-ventilated room.  You have to follow some protocol during the quarantine period. Do not allow your belongings to others.  Eat healthy food, take Vitamin tables, do exercise regularly to heat up your body.

Does the virus stay on surfaces ?

Ans.: Lifespan of Covid virus differs from various surfaces. Best thing is to keep yourself clean, wash your hands, wear a mask, wear gloves when you go out and remove it when you touch the surface.

Which type of mask to use?

Ans.: N 95 mask is good and we can reuse it also, we can wash it and keep it in sunlight till 3 to 4 days.

If we touch an infected surface then how to protect ?

Ans.: If you have doubts you have touched the surface, wash your hand immediately. Do not touch your hand to your nose, mouth and eyes.

How to allow house help and drivers to work ?

Ans.: People who are manual workers have got more immunity. They can go through screening and a checkup can be done. Temperature checks can be done by the Society everyday. Check with your helpers on a daily basis if they are well and healthy.  Precautions like masks and gloves to be taken.

How do we cope with Public transport ?

Ans.: While travelling, maintain social distance.  Carry a small sanitizer when you are not able to wash your hands. Avoid touching surfaces while travelling. If maintaining distance is not possible then at least do it for minimum time. Keep a distance from people who are sneezing and coughing.

How to deal with food parcels ?

Ans.: Avoid eating outside food. Don’t eat ice-cream and cold drinks. If ordered from outside, reheat the food. Remove the packaging and dispose properly.

How to boost our immunity ?

Ans.: You should have a lot of vitamin C , magnesium & zinc in your daily diet.  If you intake Vitamin D for 6 week will also help you.

In the market there are many masks available. Which mask is advised ?

Ans.: N-95 MASKS are used by people who are in high risk areas like the doctors and medical staff. Others can wear normal cotton masks, triple layer masks as they are in low risk areas. Don’t use the same mask everyday, wash it regularly.

Dr. Kamlesh Joshi instructed that many relatives panic when they cannot see the patient for more than 7 days and get worried. He assured all the medical staff who have come out of their homes to take care of the patient and look after them well.

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