CREDAI -MCHI Women’s Wing :Webinar on 03 October for students .First 90 Days at Workplace

CREDAI-MCHI Women’s Wing Webinar: Key to the Lockdown
Date : 3 October,2020 (Saturday)
Time : 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Speaker Name : JAYA LUTHRA , Principal Consultant ( Ken Mentors)

Topic : First 90 Days at Workplace

Ms Richa Shah,CREDAI-MCHI Women’s Wing Hon. Chairperson, welcomed the speaker,students and all the members in the webinar series.

 Ms Mona Ajmera- CREDAI-MCHI Women’s Wing (Special Projects) welcome Ms Jaya Luthra on behalf of MCHI -CREDAI Women’s Wing and give a brief introduction. Ms Jaya has been a very crucial part of the Education Society. She has an experience of 15 years in the field of human resources and behavioral training in various sectors from education to IT , Pharmaceuticals to construction banking ,Her list is endless. She is also a certified facilitator of psychometric analysis and assessments and has trained more than 10,000 students all across campuses and organizations . Ken Mentors has partnered with various companies to assess the root  cause of issues and ensure that appropriate action   to promote employee satisfaction. Students  I hope that this word covid has honestly how covid treated you all probably we all grow as we experience new things in life. So maybe this is just an experience. Jaya  is going to help us overcome those first 90 days and you are going to get those jobs and how you feel and how it is to hold on to that job with the very important  after studying so much. 

Ms Jaya acknowledged and thanked CREDAI-MCHI Women’s Wing team for giving this opportunity to conduct this workshop for students . As she feels very connected to this particular group of students because they  are in the transition phase, moving from you will eventually in a year or two maybe  not now but in a year or two you will move from where you are to you know doing a job and the job life is completely different from what we experienced in campus. So  everything changes . So, how are we looking at life? This is a very good group that I always and passionately work for even in the company, a young talent  management team. So I know what happens, what you think and you know all of that. So let’s get going.   

First 90 Days at Workplace: Ms Jaya gives a brief introduction on the topic along with the presentation and few videos .

 We are  getting into a job. So you’ll be surprised. You’ll say why are we talking about jobs now? We are still in the Covid and we are still studying.  As we go ahead we will quickly discover as to why we are talking of this and why did the team  select this particular topic for the program, So this is basically based on the book written by Dr. Michael Watkins.It says basically the critical success strategies for new leaders at all levels .

So this is about me and my organization. Mine is a start-up and our you know, our main mission is to develop organization competencies and improve the productivity of the organization. We support organizations to handle the end-to-end life cycle of an employee. So what we intend is our objective for this one hour so you know how critical our first 90 days are to a new employee. How do we transition from being a student to becoming a professional because that is what is expected on the job.

What are the methods Trust me. It’s not rocket science. It is simple, but we should know as to how we should go about it so that we can transition smoothly  and try avoid  failing or you know looking at things like oh my God, I could not do this . What are some of the tools or methods that we can use and you know, this is what I have heard time and again and then I use to work. Everybody says that people should be able to unlearn and relearn because what we have, what we have learnt on campus and what we have on the books may not be the same when you go on a job. So for example, you have made some architectural designs and  civil engineering designs. However, when you actually go to implement then you will realize oh my God, this figure was standing here. And now what I do, Sometimes pick up the best things from the books and also learn on the job. So that’s what we talked about developing an attitude of unlearn and relearn. So while navigating through now that we are into this, you know in the covid situation we are going through zoom webinars.

The session was very Interactive where the strategies below were discussed  and based on that the speaker made the students participate and got them engaged in Role players of Designer and Customer. 

Strategy #1 Promote yourself 

Strategy #2 Accelerate your learning 

Strategy#3 Match strategy to a situation  

Strategy#4  Secure Early Wins  

Strategy#5  Negotiate Success  

Vote of thanks by  Ms Surme Kashfa Khalil from Anjuman-I-Islam’s Kalsekar Technical Campus ( Architecture )


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