FEBRUARY 25, 2017 witnessed hosting of famed Cook – Book author, Culinary Expert & Food Writer Ms. Sonal Ved by CREDAI – MCHI Women’s Wing which turned out to be quite a unique event in all respects.  Members looked forward to a great interactive session over their favorite activity and concerns about serving healthy food to the family which is also tasty. And Sonal’s Workshop addressed their concerns with aplomb. Just before the beginning of the Workshop, the excitement was palpable amidst members who had come to learn about some great “Raw & Healthy” cooking.

Women’s Wing had erected this platform for members to learn about some unusual stuff which is cooked from green, organic & healthy ingredients. Indeed Sonal Ved’s preparation of recipes was simple, green, fast and healthy which all ladies can make on a daily basis to serve ‘Bowl of Health’ to their family.  Her passion & knowledge of food is insurmountable, who showed great precision while making the dishes. Though she had some fancy ingredients in her recipes, but she shared that if we are unable to find these, we can substitute these with locally grown stuff.  Sonal’s tasty & healthy dishes involved right amount of boiled, blanched, mixed and massaged ingredients in Olive oil which were dressed with some tasty & wholesome dips.
Green & Healthy Dishes prepared by Sonal Ved:

  1. Glistening Kale bowl with Nut Cream
  2. Blushing Beet, Pomegranate and Chick Pea bowl with Sweet – Sour Med Dressing
  3. Soba Bowl with Lemon Rind Syrup
  4. Chocolate and Orange Bowl with Granola


Members present enjoyed the workshop very much, who discussed some dishes at length and shared some very useful tips amongst themselves. Many members took supporting notes while Sonal Ved was conducting the workshop. Youngest participant Mehek Jain showed lot of interest in Sonal’s workshop and her knowledge about green & healthy cooking was worth noticing.
Members tasted the dishes churned by Sonal with élan and loved it to the core.  All in all it was an afternoon to be remembered for ever.
Core Committee Members present were: Mrs. / S Anuradha Shah, Sonal Shah, Jesal Shah, Sejal Goradia, Richa Shah and Falguni Shah along with Anju Ashar and other friends. Ms. Jesal Shah’s initiative was appreciated by all members present.

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